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The classic Physiotherapy

Man is man's best medicine

Classical Physiotherapy lives by that motto, in accordance with the medical diagnosis and prescription.

The patient's ability to move and function may be impaired in everyday life by disease, accident, congenital disorder, or maladaptive behavior.

By applying active and passive forms of treatment, pain can be eliminated in a person, healthy physiological movement patterns can be restored and muscular imbalances be corrected, and children be supported in their motor development.

The patient is being guided to independently and actively support his/her healing process, in order to prevent renewed problems.

Our techniques

The Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy is a special form of Physiotherapy

This form of therapy is focused primarily on the diagnosis and treatment of chronic or acute functional disorders in the muscular, joint and nervous systems.

In addition to passive joint mobilizations on the extremities and the spine, neurodynamic techniques, muscle stretches and individually adapted home programs are being employed. The special feature of this concept lies in the combination of absolutely individually adapted findings and treatment of the patient with our own clinical experience and the latest scientific insights.

Manual Therapy is used to treat both chronic and acute complaints. It is also helpful in the aftercare of surgeries and sports injuries, as well as in workplace counseling.

Examples of application areas:

The Exercise Therapy

Exercise Therapy involves training strength, endurance, coordination and mobility according to an individually tailored exercise plan

Exercise Therapy aims at the muscular and coordinative weaknesses of the body and is being implemented with the use of one's own body weight and with free weights.
This form of therapy is used in most sessions, whether it is to ensure the conditions for any kind of sport injury prophylaxis or as rehabilitation after surgeries and injuries.

The Manual Lymphatic Drainage

This very gentle form of therapy is used for draining water retention and for decongestion of swollen areas of the body, which can occur after trauma or surgery. Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a form of massage that is performed along the lymphatic channels. By means of fine circular movements, the lymphatic flow is stimulated and the congestion in the lymph channels is dissolved.

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