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What is Coaching?

Our coaching services provide holistic, solution-oriented counseling and short-term therapy according to the methods of ILP (Integrated Solution-Oriented Psychology)

In general, the term "coaching" is understood as a focused consulting service for people in private and professional processes of change and decision-making.

A coach helps people to clarify and resolve a wide variety of problem areas and serves as a catalyst and facilitator to stimulate reorientation processes, personality and behavioral changes, and to train them selectively.

Through ILP, a holistic and solution-oriented process is set in motion. The coach's approach is focused on the strengths, possibilities and abilities of the client and is supporting him or her in finding their own solution.

Each person already carries the possibilities for the solution of their problems within themselves. Therefore, the process concentrates on finding these ways and possibilities for such a solution and then activating them. This means that we do not hold on to the cause of the problem but we focus on finding solutions.

Désirée Gygax-Berhane

Psychologist lic.phil, certified coach ILP and nutritionist

Services for adults

The goal of coaching according to ILP is to achieve or initiate the change you want—depending on the topic and problem—within a few sessions.

The coaching services are aimed at people who:

Services for children & teenagers

In today's world, children and young people are confronted with a broad variety of challenges

School, parents, vocational training, and their social environment demand a lot of them. As a result, stressful situations and conflicts are often virtually preprogrammed:

In such situations, parents are often overwhelmed or are not finding the necessary patience. Furthermore, young people are often not prepared to talk openly with their parents about their problems and difficulties, let alone accept help from their side.

Here as well, a coach can supportively intervene as a "neutral authority". With the help of solution-oriented coaching, sustainable change can be initiated within a few sessions, whereby the children and adolescents are being provided with viable support.

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