• Have you been everywhere and no one could help you? Osteopathy can definitely help!

  • Nursing problems, 3-months colic, sleeping disorders, constipation?
    Osteopathy can help to significantly reduce or get rid of such issues, so that your baby and you are happy again.

  • Are you looking for solutions in your partnership? Or in your professional life? Do you want happiness and well-being in your life?

  • You want to lose weight and have already tried everything? Are you still tired and lacking energy despite a balanced diet? We can help you.

  • Have you had an accident or operation? Physiotherapy can get rid of the pain and have you moving in a physiologically natural way again.


The Therapie Zentrum Zug offers you a holistic treatment approach

The Therapie Zentrum Zug offers you a holistic approach to healing through osteopathy, coaching, physiotherapy and nutritional advice. By combining these various treatment approaches in one center, we have the unique opportunity to look at health issues from different angles, so that you can feel good again


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