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Are you eating right?

What is healthy for you?

You want to lose weight and have already tried everything? Despite a balanced diet, you're still feeling tired and listless? Or you're wondering why you do not manage losing your excess pounds in the desired areas?

Well, perhaps you are not giving your body the foods it can process optimally, as each person has their individual metabolism.

Or you simply drink not enough fluids or the wrong ones, because enough liquids are indispensable for a good metabolism.

With Metabolic Typing, a very detailed test procedure is used to determine which metabolic type you are, which foods suit your type and which ones your body can convert best.

With this nutrition plan, you will manage to achieve and maintain your ideal weight without strict dieting and the frustrating 'yo-yo effect', simply by giving your body what it can process optimally.

What is Metabolic Typing?

Metabolic Typing

By means of Metabolic Typing your individual requirements of proteins, carbohydrates and fats are being determined. It is important to know these values, since not everyone metabolizes food equally well. In your meals, if you give heed to the proportions of proteins, carbohydrates and fats evaluated for you, you will improve your metabolic activity. We support you in providing your body with what is right for it. In addition, with Metabolic Typing we also strive to maintain a longer feeling of being satiated. To do this, we evaluate your starch tolerance and thereby determine more precisely which types of carbohydrates are optimal for you.

You will not be starving!

Metabolic Typing is not a diet and does not mean starving yourself! You have to eat your fill—but from now on with the right foods for you.

According to the findings of Metabolic Typing, a type-appropriate diet is part of the basis for health, vitality and well-being. Metabolic Typing shows you a way to respond specifically to the individual needs of your body and to promote your health with the right nutrients.

Metabolic Typing is suitable for everyone and every age group.

How does Metabolic Typing work?

Your individual metabolic analysis

By use of a metabolic analysis device, your individual metabolic type is being determined during the initial consultation. The Metabolic Typing test itself takes no longer than 20 minutes. However, in order to be able to discuss your test results with you in detail, a total of approx. 2 hours is required.  


As a support, directly following the evaluation you will also receive your manual with extensive information on your individual dietary changes, so that you're able to start immediately.

Of course, we would like to accompany you on the way to your goals and are always here for you.

After about 3 months, a second test can be performed to check whether your metabolism has changed due to the dietary adjustment. This second test is free of charge for you.

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