What is osteopathy

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Life is Motion – Motion is Life

The basic premise of osteopathy is “Life is Motion – Motion is Life”.

If a part of the body is not working properly, then its motion will be limited.

An osteopath recognizes and treats such problems with trained fingers, which are sensitive to touch and pressure. With the additional detailed knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, an osteopath is able to help the body move naturally again.

Once a body part is able to move freely again, then its circulation improves and the self-healing forces can work normally again.

The primary focus of osteopathy is not to look for sickness or limitation, but to look for free-flowing movement and health.

In the words of Andrew Taylor Still, founder of osteopathy:
“Anybody can find sickness, but to find good health is the goal of an osteopath”

When does osteopathy make sense

Basically, it is possible to treat every living tissue. This means that people of all ages and constitutional types can be successfully treated.

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