What is coaching?

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Our coaching services use a holistic solution-based approach and short-term therapy based on the ILP method (Integrierte Lösungsorientierte Psychologie).

Basically, coaching is defined as focused process to support individuals who are facing a particular personal or professional situation in which they need to make a decision or change something.

A coach is there to help the client gain clarity with regards to a given situation. The coach will support the client in finding out what needs to change and accompanies the client during the change process.

Using ILP, a holistic solution-based process is initiated. The coach focuses on the strengths, opportunities and skills of the client and assists the client in finding his/her own solution.

Each individual has the possibility from within to find a solution to his/her problem. The goal is to identify different paths and opportunities on the way to finding the solution. This means we do not focus on what caused the problem, but on finding the solution.

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