Osteopathy for mothers to be

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Before Pregnancy

Osteopathy can prepare you for a harmonious and relaxed pregnancy. For example, old scars from operations or spinal blocks, both of which can make the birth process more difficult, can be treated and healed.

During Pregnancy

A woman is especially sensitive during this time. An osteopath can accompany the emotional and physical changes that occur in a woman during pregnancy. Changes in the body that result in back pains can be treated. Osteopathy can also help improve the venolymphatic backflow during water retention. It is also important to ensure good biomechanical conditions in the pelvis for the birth process.

After Pregnancy

Depending on how the pregnancy and birth went, physical issues such as headaches or back pains due to instabilities, tiredness, exhaustion, or bed depression lasting several weeks can result. These are usually caused by structural changes and can be treated through osteopathy. An osteopath can also help with nursing problems or help the womb return to normal size by working with the vegetative nervous system, in order to support the hormonal balance

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