Are you eating right?

A healthy diet is not necessarily a good diet.

Do you want to lose weight and have already tried everything? You feel tired and unmotivated despite a balanced diet? Or you are asking yourself, why you are not able to get rid of the extra kilos on a certain part of your body?

Maybe you are not giving your body the foods that it can optimally digest, as every person has a different metabolism.

Or you may simply be drinking too little or the wrong things. Drinking enough liquids is essential for a good metabolism.

Metabolic typing uses a comprehensive test procedure to determine what metabolic type you are, which foods are right for you and which foods your body can digest the most easily.

With your personal nutrition plan, you can reach and maintain your ideal weight without a strict diet and frustrating yo-yo effect because you are giving your body what is can best digest.

What is Metabolic Typing?

Defining you metabolism

With metabolic typing you can determine your individual protein, carbohydrate and fat requirements. It is important to know what you need because not every body digests and processes food equally well. If you take into consideration your protein, carbohydrate and fat requirements for every meal, you will improve your metabolic activity.

We would like to support you in giving your body what it needs. Metabolic typing is also useful in lengthening the time you feel full. You will also know what your tolerance for starches is and we can determine what types of carbohydrates are ideal for you.

You will not go hungry!

Metabolic typing is not a diet and does not mean you go hungry! You can eat until you are full – but only those foods that are right for you.

Research findings clearly show that a diet based on the right metabolic type is the basis for health, vitality and well-being. Metabolic typing shows you how to take into account the needs of your body and give it the right nutrients, so that you are healthy.

Metabolic typing is suitable for every person at any age.

How does Metabolic Typing work?

Your personal metabolic analysis

In the first session, your personal metabolic type will be determined using a metabolic analysis device. The metabolic typing test takes less than 20 minutes. The rest of the time will be spent discussing the results and determining the next steps. The whole session will take approximately two hours. Afterwards you will have all the detailed information regarding:

  • the characteristics of your metabolic type
  • the foods that are best suited for your metabolism
  • the foods that disrupt your metabolic activity and rob you of energy
  • the ideal constitution of your meals

At the same time, you will receive a handbook with all the detailed information about your new diet, so that you can get started right away.

We would like to accompany you during the transition to your new diet and are here to answer any questions you may have along the way.

After about 3 months, you can take another test to see how your metabolism has changed, as a result of your new diet. This test is free of charge.

Please contact us to make an appointment without any further obligation.

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Désirée Berhane-Gygax

Psychologist lic. phil and certified ILP Coach and Nutritional Advisor